Thomas Bucich Studio 2018

Alchemy 2018

The Guilded Age / Age of Guilt
The Age of Gilt / The Gilded Age Series is a statement about our not so distant Gilded Past where the frames embellish history and collide with manipulated natural elements

Artist Profile: Thomas Bucich, M Contemporary Gallery
Thomas Bucich in conversation about his practice and artworks.

Frame Burning Loop

117 Dining Elegant Grafitti
It's not everyday that I get to design a restaurant in an International Hotel, from the interior architecture through to custom furniture and artwork. At the Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney, the final touch is when the Head Chef asked me to 'Graffiti' the entry stairwell into the 5 Star Award Winning Restaurant 117 Dining. These are the times when we really get to show the capability of my design studio and go from overall concepting and planning through to getting hands on and getting out the paint to add final touches to a favorite project.


117 Dining by Bucich Art + Design
117 Dining at the Intercontinental Hotel
By Bucich Art + Design